So … who am I?

Q: Tell me about yourself.

A: My name is Maegen, or Meg for short. It’s strange though, the only person that calls me Meg is my mom. My whole life I have projected the image that “I’m just me,” or “I try to do my best.” This is to say that I have never tried to put myself out there as someone I am not. I don’t believe that there is anything special or unique about me, I truly just am me. Or at least I try my best to be. Of course, I know I have traits (qualities) that make me different from other people: i’m loyal, passionate (emotional), forgiving, giving, opinionated, optimistic, curious, extremely critical of myself, and silly at times, – but again, this is just me being the only genuine Meg I know how to be.

Sure, I can tell you about my upbringing, my education, my career or my family. All these things have shaped me into who I am today. I was born and for the most part raised in NY, moved to Texas to start a new life. I am a mom and a career woman. I have 3 degrees, Associates, Bachelor’s of Fine Art and Masters in Business Administration. My family is in my opinion, dis-functional, but family nonetheless. I was raised in a Christian home, but don’t always follow the “values” and “routines” of my childhood. I love to travel! My favorite adventure (so far) was going to Romania to work with children in orphanages. I subscribe to the philosophy that you only live once, and I want to make sure I’m living this life to my fullest! I choose to embrace challenges & change, take on new adventures and I won’t let fear get in my way (sure fear might slow me down, but I will kick myself in the ass and push through it). My son is the greatest part of my life (and the most challenging). Those I’m lucky enough to call my friends are the next greatest part of my life.

What do I want to share with the world (or at least anyone who’s listening)? Now that is going to vary by day. My interests are diverse. I will most of the time share about daily (real) life. Work, parenting, money, dreams, homework, housework, etc. What it is like to build my career while being a parent and still trying to do things for myself without feeling like it’s selfish of me. I will share about my daily struggles with weight and trying to live a healthy lifestyle (but trust me, I will still allow myself to indulge in bread, cheese, desserts and alcohol!)

I don’t strive to be super model skinny, just comfortable in my own skin while teaching my son healthy habits (there are medical reasons behind why he needs to establish healthy habits now). Occasionally I see myself posting recipes. I have so much fun being creative in the kitchen with cakes, cupcakes, alcohol (a few years of bartending to thank for that). I may occasionally share poetry that I’ve written or discuss how a song I heard that day made me feel. I may choose to share about the past 5-ish years that have brought me to where I sit today. Lastly, I will share my art & photography. I’ve been in love with being behind a camera for as long as I can remember, part of why I have a fine arts degree.

What’s the point to it all? To help others and myself at the same time. I’ve always found writing to be therapeutic for me and something I greatly enjoy doing. I’ve gotten away from it for one reason or the other, and I am making a choice to get back to it. If even just one thing posted helps someone, makes you smile, lets you know they’re not alone, or lets you take a couple minute break, well then, it will be worth it.