This is a 24-7 Gig

So I am quite sure that every parent out there is saying “well, DUH! Meg, of course parenting is a 24-7 gig!” I know, I know – I’ve stated the obvious here. Sometimes I have to step back and remind myself of this, which is what happened today.

We spent the Thanksgiving holiday with my family in Dallas, it was 3 days of non-stop family, food, drinks and fun! This was also a very busy weekend for my 6 year old son…late nights, early mornings and of course tons of time with kids. He had a blast which I am very grateful for but man, today was exhausting!

We made the drive from Dallas back home to Houston late afternoon on Saturday, got home in time to have a late dinner, watch a little TV and then get some sleep. My son even slept in a little this morning – instead of being up before 7am like he usually is on non-school days, he actually slept until after 8am (WOW! I know!) But boy did we hit the ground running this morning! He woke up wanting pancakes and eggs but settled for waffles (thank goodness for Eggo) and eggs. Then as soon as breakfast was done he wanted to play video games, paint, play with silly putty, go to the park, watch TV, play hide ‘n seek, play a board game etc.

I have to say, we crammed alot of activity into one short day. While I did work he painted, we took the dog for a walk, we played Monopoly, watched some TV, read books on the back patio, and played hide ‘n seek. There was plenty of begging and pleading to do even more than that and a good amount of whimpering and pretend crying when he did not get his was at every moment of the day.

Is this an only child thing? I was an only child until age 13, but I don’t remember constantly needing my mothers attention (maybe I did…?) Is this the difference between boys and girls? Or was it just on the heels of an overstimulating weekend, being home with no plans for the first time in three days too much for him to handle?

Regardless of the “reason” behind his need for entertainment today I was reminded that parenting is a 24-7 gig! It’s the greatest most challenging and most rewarding gig on the planet, but damn – sometimes it’s exhausting!

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Author: Maegen Lola

I'm just making my way through this thing called life while trying to be the best person and mom I can be. My son is amazing and the best part of my world. I'm not a perfect mom, and will never claim to be. I have a passion for life, happiness, great friends, good food & drink(s). You can call me Meg.

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