The People Who Inspire Me

Sarah Jane Reign: Plus Size Fashion + Lifestyle in Houston
I absolutely LOVE SarahJane! This woman has a beautiful soul and is so genuine and kind! Be sure to check her out –

My Girlish Whims:Healthy Living, Food, Jewelry Making, and All of My Girlish Whims
Rebecca’s upbeat, happy personality is so contagious! Plus she’s a food and wine lover just like myself!!

Diary of a Fit Mommy
I appreciate Sia Cooper’s honest candid approach to her blog and Instagram posts. It’s real – the good and the bad. Plus she shares delicious recipes and doesn’t count calories or carbs!

Author: Maegen Lola

I'm just making my way through this thing called life while trying to be the best person and mom I can be. My son is amazing and the best part of my world. I'm not a perfect mom, and will never claim to be. I have a passion for life, happiness, great friends, good food & drink(s). You can call me Meg.

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